Jun 26 2015

Way Back Archives: Affirmative Racism…


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May 4 2015

Looks more like a war on Blacks, to me…


Feb 24 2015

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Jun 27 2014

Feeding the poor…


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Democrats and the Poor…


Jun 14 2014

The Real Hunger Games…


Apr 2 2014

There’s Poverty and then there’s “poverty”…


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The Needy…


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It Was Free….


Jan 24 2014

The Evil Liberal Genie


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“Winning” by Losing…


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What Democrats are good at…


Nov 11 2013

Homeless man find $850, turns it in, loses benefits.

James Brady of Hackensack, a former news photographer and market data analyst, fell on hard times more than a decade ago when he became unemployed and suffered from depression. He was supposed to be at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 for a business event – and the knowledge that he could have been killed traumatized him, he said.

After using all his savings and retirement funds, he ended up on the streets and later at the Bergen County homeless shelter in Hackensack. He had left the shelter for his daily walk on April 16 when he found and turned in $850 he found in a bank envelope on the sidewalk.

Last month, city police gave Brady the money he had turned in to them six months earlier because it had remained unclaimed. City officials celebrated his honest act, and he became a minor celebrity.

But, Agatha Toomey, director of Hackensack Human Services, who is responsible for administering aid for the needy saw the widely circulated story and canceled Brady’s benefits through the end of this year because he had failed to disclose the $850 on paperwork

Brady says that he hadn’t realized he was required to report the money. Formerly homeless, he had recently found housing and was seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist and taking medication, but was unsure he’d be able to afford continuing care after his benefits were cut off.

“This is stupid,” Brady said. “I had already proven my honesty by turning in the $850. They were treating me like I was a dishonest individual, like I was trying to cheat them out of the money.”

Sources: FoxNews.com and NorthJersery.com.


Sep 28 2013

Barack Obama’s Big Joke

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Jun 20 2013

Just to be clear…

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Jun 15 2013

Someone else’s pie…

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Apr 1 2013

Michelle Antoinette…

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Mar 26 2013

Economic Realities Liberals Reject…

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Mar 20 2013

The Liberal Dictionary…

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Feb 14 2013

Liberal Compassion…

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Feb 11 2013

Liberal Logic in History—1964

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Feb 7 2013

Affirmative Racism…

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Oct 22 2012

It just makes sense…

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