Apr 24 2014

Afghan security guard shoots dead 3 American doctors at hospital

Afghan hospital shooting 500

The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan confirmed Thursday that three American doctors – including a reported father and son – were killed by an Afghan security guard who opened fire at a Kabul hospital.

The shooting at Cure International Hospital in the western part of the Afghan capital was the latest attack on foreign civilians in the city this year. Two others, including an American nurse, were wounded, according to Afghanistan’s Health Ministry.

“With great sadness we confirm that three Americans were killed in the attack at CURE Hospital,” said a statement posted on the Embassy’s Twitter page. “No other information will be released at this time.”

Afghanistan Minister of Health Soraya Dalil told the Associated Press that two of the dead were a visiting father and son. Dalil added that the other victim was a Cure International doctor who had worked for seven years in Kabul.

Read the full story at FoxNews.com.

And the irony is the surviving doctors then rushed to save the shooters life–because that’s the kind of people we are.

Apr 23 2014

Women in Combat…


Mar 3 2014

Some Minor Cuts…


Feb 3 2014

Wrong War…


Jan 6 2014

Is it 1914 all over again? We are in danger of repeating the mistakes that started WWI, says a leading historian

1914-2014 500Professor Margaret MacMillan, of the University of Cambridge, argues that the Middle East could be viewed as the modern-day equivalent of this turbulent region. A nuclear arms race that would be likely to start if Iran developed a bomb “would make for a very dangerous world indeed, which could lead to a recreation of the kind of tinderbox that exploded in the Balkans 100 years ago – only this time with mushroom clouds,” she writes in an essay for the Brookings Institution, a leading US think-tank.

“While history does not repeat itself precisely, the Middle East today bears a worrying resemblance to the Balkans then,” she says. “A similar mix of toxic nationalisms threatens to draw in outside powers as the US, Turkey, Russia, and Iran look to protect their interests and clients.”

Professor MacMillan highlights a string of other parallels between today and a century ago. Modern-day Islamist terrorists mirror the revolutionary communists and anarchists who carried out a string of assassinations in the name of a philosophy that sanctioned murder to achieve their vision of a better world. And in 1914, Germany was a rising force that sought to challenge the pre-eminent power of the time, the UK. Today, the growing power of China is perceived as a threat by some in the US.

Read the full article at The Independent.

Jan 3 2014

When the choice is between deploying fit soldiers or be politically correct, Marines choose political correctness.

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So some women die, at least the Politically Correct whiners will be happy.

More than half of female Marines in boot camp can’t do three pull-ups, the minimum standard that was supposed to take effect with the new year, prompting the Marine Corps to delay the requirement, part of the process of equalizing physical standards to integrate women into combat jobs.

The delay rekindled sharp debate in the military on the question of whether women have the physical strength for some military jobs, as service branches move toward opening thousands of combat roles to them in 2016.

Although no new timetable has been set on the delayed physical requirement, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos wants training officials to “continue to gather data and ensure that female Marines are provided with the best opportunity to succeed,” Capt. Maureen Krebs, a Marine spokeswoman, said Thursday.

Starting with the new year, all female Marines were supposed to be able to do at least three pull-ups on their annual physical fitness test and eight for a perfect score. The requirement was tested in 2013 on female recruits at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C., but only 45 percent of women met the minimum, Krebs said.

Read the full article at FoxNews.com.

Dec 28 2013

Fitness requirements waived for female marines. How many will die?

FITNESS-articleLarge 500Females in the Marine Corps currently are not required to do even a single pull-up, and a deadline mandating that by Jan. 1, 2014, they be able to do at least 3 pull-ups as part of their  training has been delayed for at least a year, the Corps quietly announced on social media.

Unlike their female counterparts, male Marines have long been required to do at least 3 pullups as part of the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). That’s the minimum requirement for males.

Currently, “women aren’t able to make the minimum standard of three pull-ups,” Marine spokesman Capt. Eric Flanagan told CNSNews.com. Fifty-five percent of female recruits tested at the end of boot camp were unable to do three pull-ups (1 percent of male recruits also failed).

Pull-ups have been used to test Marines’ upper body strength for over 40 years. The ability to pull-up one’s own body weight over a bar shows the upper body strength that, in combat, is needed to lift fallen comrades, pull one’s self over a wall, and carry heavy munitions. Combat Marines also carry a pack that weighs around 90 pounds, with gunners carrying an additional 50 or 60 pounds.

Beginning in 2016, women in the Marine Corps and Army will be allowed to serve in infantry, armor and artillery units. And they’ll need to be strong enough to climb those mud walls and carry ammunition.

Robert Maginnis, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, says the delay shows that women just can’t meet the same standards.

“Young women, in spite of all the training and all the best intentions, are not going to be the equal of young men in terms of upper body strength,” Maginnis says. “You’ve got to have a lot of upper body strength to lift the stuff. Been there, done that.”

Maginnis just wrote a book called Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat. He says the issue has more to do with politics than protecting the nation.

Sources: CNSNews.com, NPR.

Nov 22 2013

Spending time with his daddy…


Nov 12 2013

Christians face a culture of fear and intimidation in U.S. military

Soldiers bow their heads in respect during the opening prayerThe Family Research Council (FRC) released a video in time for Veterans Day that warns Americans about the persecution of U.S. troops who express their Christian faith.

The four-minute-and-44 second video, “A Clear and Present Danger,” features active duty members of the U.S. military sharing their concerns about the “tremendous culture of intimidation and fear in the ranks of the American military right now.”

The identities of the men the faces and voices of the man are obscured to cloak their identities.

“In recent years we have witnessed our servicemen and women being attacked for holding to the fundamental truths of their faith,” the text about the video on FRC’s militaryfree.org states. “As these attacks increase, there are many who are taking a stand to defend their religious freedom and that of their comrades.”

The FRC report, A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military, was released in October. It documents more than 25 instances of religious persecution in the U.S. military.

Full article at CNS News.

Nov 11 2013

Veteran’s Day: If you’re a vet, thanks.


Sep 18 2013

Trying to understand it will just give you a headache…

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Sep 17 2013

What the hippies sing today…

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Sep 10 2013

Under Obama, Sarin Gas 16 times deadlier than under Bush!

liberal-logic-101-500Reference: May 2004: Tests Confirm Sarin in Iraqi Artillery Shell
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Sep 7 2013

The Blind Leading the Gullible…

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Dec 24 2012

A win-win-win proposal…

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