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Nov 12 2014

Forcing females into combat is real “war on women”


Elaine Donnelly — Now that voters have disposed of the phony “war on women,” can we talk about real women fighting future wars?

More than 92 percent of active-duty Army women said in a recent official survey that they do not want and would not take direct ground combat (infantry) assignments. Nevertheless, President Obama plans to order women into the combat arms by January 2016.

The Center for Military Readiness has independently obtained and analyzed major research findings so far, and published a 64-page interim report titled “Where’s the Case for Co-Ed Combat?” Respect for military women who have served with courage “in harm’s way” is greater than ever. However, nothing in research findings so far supports the theory that women should be considered interchangeable with men in direct ground combat.

Upper-body strength and endurance are not the only issues of concern, but both are essential for survival and mission accomplishment. In the most physically demanding environments imaginable, it matters that in timed proxy tests simulating ordnance-stowing with 95-pound artillery rounds, less than 1 percent of the men failed, compared with 28 percent of the women.

In another test with progressively heavier weights lifted over the head, 80 percent of men could lift 115 pounds, but less than 9 percent of the women could do the same.

Since fall 2012, 24 female officers have attempted the grueling Marines’ Infantry Officer Course at Quantico, Va. All deserve credit for trying, but only four survived the deliberately difficult first day. Of those, none endured through the entire 13-week course, which involves 20-mile marches and carrying loads of up to 120 pounds.

In 2013, the Marines tried to make three pull-ups mandatory for female basic trainees, but had to suspend the requirement when 55 percent could not meet it. Recent tests have found that on average, men could do almost 16 pull-ups — more than four times as many as the women.

SOURCE: Washington Times.

In the 70s feminists sued the government, demanding that women be drafted just as men. The Supreme Court responded that as long as women weren’t in combat, then there was no need for them to be drafted. Thus began the decades long battle to get women in combat, so radical feminists could eventually force women to be drafted. We are now that much closer to that reality as Obama thrusts unwilling women, mother, sisters daughters into the front lines to die where he was too cowardly to go.

Nov 8 2014

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Sep 30 2014

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Aug 14 2014

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Jul 31 2014

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Jul 12 2014

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Jul 11 2014

Terrorist group in Iraq seizes uranium from lab; Liberals assure us “it’s no bid deal”

protest-military-operation-fallujah 500x200

Iraqi jihadists have grabbed 88 pounds of uranium compounds from a Mosul University science lab, but U.S. and international weapons experts are downplaying the possibility the deadly toxins could be used to make a so-called “dirty bomb.”

The material, believed to be low-grade, unenriched uranium mixed with other elements, was taken from a science lab at Mosul University by ISIS, the terrorist group that took over Iraq’s second-largest city last month and has vowed to attack Baghdad. Iraq notified the UN in a July 8 letter which sought international help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad,” according to Reuters, which saw the letter.

Although the material is not believed to be weaponized, and ISIS does not have known missile delivery capability, the theft stoked fear that a dirty bomb – a primitive explosive used to disseminate radioactive material – could be fashioned from the uranium compounds.

Read the full article at FoxNews.com.

Well, I know I’ll sleep better knowing that a bunch of citified, metrosexuals with Art History degrees say uranium can’t harm you. (but a large sugary drink can.)


Jul 2 2014



Jul 1 2014

Obama to send 200 more troops to Iraq as part of his “Way Too Little, Way Too Late” strategy.

Obama Speech 500x200

President Obama told Congress on Monday that he is deploying about 200 more troops to Iraq to bolster security at the U.S. Embassy and airport in Baghdad.

These and previously announced forces are being sent “for the purpose of protecting U.S. citizens and property, if necessary, and (are) equipped for combat,” Obama said in a letter to Congress required under the U.S. War Powers Resolution.

Earlier this month, Obama announced the deployment of 275 troops to protect the embassy.

In addition to security, these troops will provide “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support,” Obama said.

The president is also in the process of sending up to 300 military advisers to assist Iraq as it battles an invading army of jihadists that has taken over major cities and threatens the capital in Baghdad.

Obama said forces “will remain in Iraq until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed.”

Read the full article at USA Today.