Sep 15 2014

Introducing Obama’s “Coalition of the Luke-Warm”

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For all the ridicule heaped upon George W. Bush’s so-called “Coalition of the Willing” by President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, among others, the US-led 2003 operation to liberate Iraq and overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein was assisted by 49 nations that provided material military support including troops, intelligence cooperation, material, logistics, ground facilities, and financial assistance.

Only nine nations are part of what President Obama grandiosely titles his “broad coalition” to assist the US effort to “degrade” and “eventually destroy” the Sunni terrorist ISIS army in what is now officially being called “a very significant counter terrorist operation.”  What actual support those states have in fact offered remains unclear.

Normally, international military coalitions are forged prior to their being formally announced. In the case of the anti-ISIS coalition, President Obama proclaimed the establishment of a US-led “broad coalition” of nations committed to the military defeat of the terrorist ISIS army before any specific agreements were reached with any partners. More significant perhaps than the list of states that have signed on is the list of those who have not. The most important and reliable US allied nations have almost all begged off; as have critical regional allies.

US Secretary of State Kerry also found it difficult to rally allies to partner in a war that the American administration refuses to call a war. Of course, according to US constitutional law, no President can unilaterally declare war. Only the Congress has the power to do that. But many others suspect the reasons the administration is avoiding the “war” word is far more political than it is constitutional. After all, President Obama regularly, and some would say recklessly, disregards or ignores US constitutional provisions that he feels prevent him from achieving his policy goals. The President’s left-wing anti-war base is getting restless. Perhaps the White House thinks that banning use of the word “war” will prevent its key constituent supporters from breaking out into outright opposition.

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Sep 15 2014



Sep 13 2014

Homosexuals call Facebook biased for not letting them use Porn Star names

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From ZDNet writer Violet Blue

Facebook is strong-arming LGBT and adult performers to use their legal names, telling these at-risk populations that it is to “keep our community safe.”

Yet considering the company had hundreds represent Facebook’s SF LGBT Pride Parade contingent, the “real names” campaign looks more to be a stunning display of Facebook’s acute cluelessness about user safety.

The situation developed early this week when a large number of drag queen and transgender performers in cities including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles were targeted for account deletion unless they immedately presented their legal names on their Facebook profiles.

Well-known Bay Area LGBT activist and community fundraiser personality Sister Roma, who has been using Facebook since 2008, was locked out of her profile Wednesday. Loa Angeles based performer and drag personality Unity Divine is now in the same situation.

So cracking down on obviously fake names is targeting homosexuals?

By the way, I personally have 3 Facebook accounts, two with fake names, but the fake names I used sound like real names. I have additional accounts due to Facebook’s habit of banning Conservatives for posting things that violate the highly imaginative interpretation of Facebook so-called “Community Standards” (in other words, posting stuff liberals don’t like)

Once again homosexuals are demanding Special Rights.


Sep 10 2014

Morons at Etsy ban “offensive” Redskins logo but you won’t believe what creepy stuff they will allow

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On Tuesday, Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade crafts and goods, decided to ban “Redskins” and its logo from its website.

Etsy informed its sellers and their consumers that regardless of whether people feel that Redskins is a sign of respect, “the fact remains that Native Americans themselves find the term unacceptable.”

“Sellers are welcome to continue selling items that contain the team colors and location, but items containing the name or the logo will no longer be allowed,” the company wrote. “This change takes effect today. Our Marketplace Integrity Team is contacting members by email whose listings are affected by this updated policy. If you have questions about a specific item in your shop or that you might want to list on Etsy, please contact us using the Help Center.”

The company said it was seeking “to balance two principles that are critically important to us: freedom of speech and protection from discrimination” before noting that freedom of speech “is not without limits.”

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Meanwhile Etsy continues to offer truly offensive items in it “Offensive” category, it’s “Dead Baby” category, it’s “Ku Klux Klan” items as well as marijuana paraphernalia. We can only offer links because most of this stuff is simply too outrageous and authentically offensive to post here.

Sep 8 2014

Pretty much sums up his entire Presidency…


Sep 5 2014

Hollywood Rakes In $330 Million In Corporate Welfare…Liberals’ Response: [Cricket Noise]

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Just days after California governor Jerry Brown agreed to soak the state’s already-overtaxed citizens for $330 million in corporate welfare for Hollywood’s predominantly white and wealthy elite, Warner Bros. announced a series of layoffs at its Burbank studio. Though no number has been revealed, numerous outlets have reported that the first option will be buyouts. If not enough staffers accept, the Warner Bros. axe will fall.

It’s worth noting that this series of layoffs comes just a week or so after the parent company of Warner Bros., Time Warner, eliminated upwards of 500 to 600 jobs.

The whole point of the $330 million in corporate welfare giveaway was to create, or at the very least, protect entertainment industry jobs in the state of California.

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Sep 4 2014

Atheist Group Wants Atheist Literature Allowed But Anything Remotely Christian Banned in Government Schools.

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The Atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation had previously brought a federal suit against the Orange County public school district in Florida for prohibiting the distribution of atheist reading material, including titles such as  “An X-rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” “What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?” and “Jesus is Dead,” by Robert Price. The district had allowed, and continues to allow, the distribution of Bibles–meaning the placement of free Bibles on a table from which students may voluntarily take them.

A federal judge dismissed the case in July after the district changed its policy in 2014, allowing the previously prohibited materials to be distributed. In a press release issued after the dismissal, FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel said that now “Satanists can distribute their literature, Muslims can distribute the Quran, and atheists can distribute books that criticize religion.”

However, starting this season, team chaplains, fan signs with Bible verses and praying before games will all be banned from Orange County public schools in Florida, thanks to an atheist activist group who sent a threatening letter to the district’s superintendent.

An August memorandum released by the district largely cowed to FFRF’s complaints, agreeing that coaches and other school personnel cannot join students in prayer, that team chaplains are not allowed and that citation of Bible verses on signs or student apparel at games is prohibited, as are “religious lyrics” in music played during game videos–although the original videos FFRF complained about were made and posted “by an outside entity having nothing to do with the school.”

Apopka High School seems to have been a specific target. Minority enrollment at Apopka is 62 percent, and 43 percent of students are considered economically disadvantaged. Yet in a city of just 41,500, the Apopka Blue Darter football team won a state championship in 2012 and finished second last year. Part of the reason is the support given to the school by a local church. Almost $30,000 in funding initiatives have been contributed through the Venue Church, co-founded by the now-former, football-team chaplain, Todd Lamphere. Among the other contributions by the church includes feeding the football team as well as helping students with financial needs and family problems.

“Our focus isn’t proselytizing. We give kids rides (home) after practice and sometimes buy them dinner,” Lamphere said. “Some people just have an issue with everything that has to do with God.”

SOURCES: The Daily Caller,

Sep 3 2014

The Charm Offensive…

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Sep 3 2014

Does Evil Exist?…


Sep 2 2014

Wealthy [Insert Other Party] exploiting SCOTUS Campaign Finance Ruling

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Center for Public Integrity via Yahoo! News

Senate Democrats have embraced a new big-money fundraising vehicle — after repeatedly blasting the U.S. Supreme Court decision that made it possible — that could help candidates, state parties and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee tap wealthy donors for even more cash.

The new “jumbo” joint fundraising committee, dubbed the Grassroots Victory Project 2014, marks the Democrats’ first foray into the territory opened up in April after the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission ruling.

To be fair I wanted to show the one article that pointed finger at Democrats, for something both parties are doing. The Washington Posts’ article devoted 5 paragraphs to a rich Republican supported, before finally listing other donors, without specifying their party (a good number are Democrats). Every other article I could find made it sound as if Republicans alone benefitted from the ruling.

The truth is McCutcheon benefits the American people by removing barriers that Democrats ignore, and Democrat controlled Federal agencies punish Republicans for even thinking about violating.

Here’s a condensed history of “Campaign Finance Reform” we wrote years back…

Boasting of his participation in the 1876 Hamburg Massacre, in which seven Black men were murdered by a mob of white southerners, Benjamin Tillman pursued dominance in South Carolina’s political arena. Serving as governor in 1890 he bemoaned the fact that Blacks still resided in South Carolina. “…we have scratched our heads to find out how we could eliminate the last one of them. We stuffed ballot boxes. We shot them. We are not ashamed of it.” So naturally when he ran for the US Senate he felt most comfortable in the Democrat Party and became the “noble” pioneer of campaign finance reform, setting a “moral” standard future “reformers” could emulate. Tillman’s Magnus Opus was the Tillman Act, which barred political contributions from corporations. Apparently corporation didn’t measure up to Tillman’s lofty moral standards.

In 1974 Democrats were once again outraged at such egregious campaign finance abuses as W. Clement Stone’s donation of $2 million to Richard Nixon, which helped defeat Democrat challenger, George McGovern. It was Stone’s money, and perfectly legal, but since it helped defeat a Democrat, the Democrat controlled Congress saw it as an obvious example of “corruption” and “financial abuse”. Being Democrats, though, they weren’t all that bright and made the mistake of believing their own hype. Assuming their contributor base was actually “the people” rather that “the rich” they amended the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to cap individual donations at $5,000. By the time they realize that Republicans actually had more grassroots contributions, it was too late. They’d promoted donation caps to the point that they couldn’t take it back. But like all good Democrats, they knew that rules were for suckers who couldn’t find the loopholes.

First the Supreme Court ruled that the caps couldn’t be applied to what the candidate himself could donate, so the rich politicians breathed a sigh of relief, and the average Joes aspiring for political office were cut off at the knees. The world was once again safe from all those average Joes.

Democrats quickly found other loopholes. Funding political parties and other organizations was left fairly open, especially if the money was used specifically for “voter registration”. So an organization that worked to register voters only in heavily Democrat parts of the city was declared “non-partisan” and could receive unlimited funding. Also, every time ordinary people found a way of reaching other voters, political insiders led by Democrats would slam the doors on their efforts. The 90s found people pooling their money to run commercials addressing issues they were concerned about. In 2002 McCain-Feingold stopped that “horrible abuse”. Can you imagine the gall of some people thinking they can just simply tell other people what they think. I mean where do they think this is, America?

In 2004 we saw billionaire George Soros flood the campaign season with $15 million, while the Democrat party smiled on approvingly. (By the way, W. Clement Stone’s $2 million in 1972 would have been $9 million in 2004 dollars, but somehow “corrupt” while Soros’s $15 million wasn’t.) The FEC eventually, grudgingly fined Soros funded a paltry $150,000 while fining the [gasp] Average Joe funded Swift Vets for Truth almost twice as much for allegedly doing the exact same thing. What exactly it was they did was never really explained all that clearly, mainly because it’s doubtful the FEC itself actually understands McCain-Feingold. It’s doubtful McCain or Feingold even understand McCain-Feingold. But any government agency worth its salt has to do something to appear to justify its budget. So was fined $150,000 for an alleged $5 million campaign violation. I bet their wrists are still stinging.



Aug 29 2014

Airport Screening…


Aug 28 2014

Liberal Super PAC Tries To Defend Taking Soros Money While Bashing Kochs


Brad Woodhouse, Andrew Kaczynski

The leader of a prominent liberal super PAC on Wednesday defended taking money from billionaire George Soros while simultaneously condemning conservatives for benefiting from the fortunes of the Koch Brothers.

During a Twitter exchange Wednesday, Brad Woodhouse of the Soros-backed American Bridge 21st Century argued that it is okay for his group to accept money from liberal billionaires because, unlike the Koch Brothers, these donors are “not looking to screw the middle class to enrich themselves.”

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Aug 27 2014

Warned That Whites Weren’t Welcome, Called Racial Slurs, White Veteran Beaten Almost to Death…but Black Police Chief Declares It Isn’t a Hate Crime

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The altercation began at about 1 a.m. when Ralph Weems and the friend, David Knighten, chose to go inside the Waffle House. Knighten said they made this decision after a man in the parking lot diplomatically suggested that they should leave because the patrons inside were angry about the Aug. 9 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Thus, the unidentified man explained, the restaurant would not be a safe place for two white people.

According to Knighten, Weems, 32, began arguing with customers not long after he entered the Waffle House. It’s not clear what was said or what was in dispute. After the police eventually showed up, Weems and Knighten left.

On the way home, the pair decided to stop at a Huddle House — a similar, less iconic eatery that dots the South. The Huddle House was in West Point. Miss.

A group of people followed Weems and Knighten to the mostly empty Huddle House parking lot. A security guard told everyone to leave. However, Weems and Knighten found that some of the men had blocked their way.

Knighten told reporters he was trying to diffuse the situation. When a security guard told everyone to leave, Knighten said he was blocked from getting to Weems, who was on the ground being kicked by a group of people. Knighten said others then attacked him.

West point Police Chief Tim Brinkley [small]

West Point Police Chief Tim Brinkley

“I do remember racial slurs being yelled from the crowd,” he told the Associated Press.

Police Chief Tim Brinkley , who could not be reached for comment Monday, said in the release that the attack right now is an aggravated assault investigation, and that the cause is not yet determined.

“This does not appear to be a hate crime,” he said.

SOURCES: The Daily Caller, Clarion-Ledger.

Aug 26 2014

Apparently it’s not what’s done, but who’s doing it…

While this is similar to the stuff we do, it’s not one of ours. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Aug 25 2014

How to Get Filthy Rich By Claiming to Be Oppressed…