Sep 18 2014

WashPost Organizes Parade of Horrified Liberals That D.C. ABC Station Is Tilting Rightward


Tim Graham, NewsBusters – The Washington Post demonstrated a sudden interest in the political bias of local TV news on Wednesday. WJLA-TV, the ABC station in D.C., was purchased by Sinclair Broadcasting, which is now airing its conservative commentator Mark Hyman in Washington. They warned in a headline, “Under new owner, WJLA airs more conservative content.”

Media reporter Paul Farhi  organized a parade of horrified liberals – except he didn’t identify any of them as liberals. In large type on the front page of the Style section was Charles Lewis of the leftist Center for Public Integrity: “They are stuck with an idiosyncratic owner with its own political views and agenda. It’s a nightmarish scenario for journalists.”

It’s “nightmarish” if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. But this critique is bizarre. The Center for Public Integrity has left-wing sugar daddies like George Soros and Pierre Omidyar with their own political agendas.

The most ridiculous part is the Post making a list of offenses that Sinclair has a notable history of political bias in the weeks before an election – yeah, the Post has never been known to do that. The network news operations love “October surprises” to ruin Republican candidates, or “September surprises” like the Dan Rather fake-memo disaster.

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Sep 17 2014

Finally the real bad guy in Ferguson exposed

Ferguson 500x200

New information has surfaced proving once and for all the truth behind the chaos in Ferguson, MO. The results are undeniable and lays blame squarely on the real guilty party.

In a new poll, 81% of whites and 50% of blacks agreed that the media presence in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer, made things worse. Only 12% of whites believe the media made things better; only 37% of blacks said the same.

This comes as no surprise. Without any facts to back up their black vs. white narrative, the media intentionally whipped up racial animosity and offered the imprimatur of ABC, CNN, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, The New York Times, to looters, vandals and rioters.

Outside of the shooting incident that gave the media an excuse to light the racial fuse, the victims here were the perfectly innocent everyday residents of Ferguson who lived under siege for more than a week.

The properties that were robbed, vandalized, looted, and burnt down were owned by Ferguson residents. The people locked in their homes during the riots, blocked from going to work, and unable to send their kids to school, were Ferguson residents

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Sep 16 2014

The Liberal Media is having a hard time keeping up with their lies

Liberal Media 500x200In a conversation on Twitter with Fox News Channel (FNC) contributor Richard Grenell, Boston Globe reporter Bryan Bender continued the media’s double standard of slamming then-President George W. Bush’s international coalition for the Iraq War and President Obama’s current coalition for fighting the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

Then the twitterverse responded…

Two hours after his statement about Bush, Bender attempted to end discussion on the topic by tweeting to Grenell:

No apology, no admission of error, very typical.

SOURCE: News Busters.

Sep 6 2014



Sep 5 2014

Hollywood Rakes In $330 Million In Corporate Welfare…Liberals’ Response: [Cricket Noise]

hollywood welfare 500x200

Just days after California governor Jerry Brown agreed to soak the state’s already-overtaxed citizens for $330 million in corporate welfare for Hollywood’s predominantly white and wealthy elite, Warner Bros. announced a series of layoffs at its Burbank studio. Though no number has been revealed, numerous outlets have reported that the first option will be buyouts. If not enough staffers accept, the Warner Bros. axe will fall.

It’s worth noting that this series of layoffs comes just a week or so after the parent company of Warner Bros., Time Warner, eliminated upwards of 500 to 600 jobs.

The whole point of the $330 million in corporate welfare giveaway was to create, or at the very least, protect entertainment industry jobs in the state of California.

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Sep 4 2014

Liberal Press Now Blaming GOP For Obama’s Feckless Foreign Policy


At first we thought it was satire, but no, the Washington Post, in it’s terminal idiocy is actually blaming ISIS on Republican “Isolationism”. This would be the same GOP Liberals nagged us to death about for getting involved in “unnecessary wars”.

A roiling national debate over how to deal with the radical Islamic State and other global hot spots has prompted a sudden shift in Republican politics, putting a halt to the anti-interventionist mood that had been gaining credence in the party.

The change is evident on the campaign trail ahead of the November midterm elections and in recent appearances by the GOP’s prospective 2016 presidential candidates, with a near-universal embrace of stronger military actions against the group that has beheaded two American journalists.

A hawkish tone has become integral to several key Republican Senate campaigns, with a group of candidates running in battleground states calling attention to their ties to veterans and their support for the U.S. military at every turn.

In contests in Iowa, Arkansas and Alaska — where Republicans are running for seats held by Democrats — the GOP candidates are military veterans and focusing much of their time extolling their expertise.

Seriously, they are acting like Republicans running on a campaign of military preparedness, isn’t something that’s been consistent for the past 50 years?!?

Sep 3 2014

Muslim Terrorists Behead 6-Year-Old Christian Boy…Media Too Worried About Naked Celeb Pics to Notice

boko-haram-kills 500x200

The Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram beheaded a six-year-old boy during a June attack on the predominantly Christian village of Attagara, according to an eyewitness account provided by the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) missionary organization.

“Over 100 militants dressed in military uniforms swarmed the predominantly Christian village just as Sunday church services were beginning on June 1,” VOM reports.

“The rebels opened fire on the village and went after people with their machetes.”

Boko Haram became internationally known after it staged a mass kidnapping of over 250 Nigerian school girls in April. The majority of the girls are still missing. Last month, the group publicly aligned itself with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to VOM, which has been assisting some 30 people injured in the attacks, “55-year-old Sawaltha Wandala witnessed the Boko Haram slaughtering children at a church as he arrived for the second service. He saw the men throw one child into a ditch. More concerned for the child than his own safety, he picked up the 6-year-old boy, who had survived being severely slashed, and immediately rushed to take the child to the hospital in Cameroon.”

“Sawaltha was stopped by five insurgents, who grabbed the boy from his arms and beheaded him, before turning to beat Sawaltha with tree branches.”

“They finished their attack striking him in the head with a large rock, leaving him for dead with blood running from his nose and mouth.”

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Sep 3 2014

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Aug 22 2014

Only on MSNBC: Golf Actually Frightens Terrorists

Joe Scarborough believes Islamic State terrorists will be intimidated by President Barack Obama’s golf game just minutes after his statement on beheaded journalist James Foley, perhaps thinking to themselves, “Wow, that’s one cold bastard.”

The “Morning Joe” host unveiled his alternative explanation to the “horrifying” images of Obama grinning ear-to-ear on the golf course right after a sober statement condemning the execution of an American journalist by Islamic fundamentalists in Iraq.

“I think there are probably one or two terrorists in ISIS — because this is how they make their money, right?” Scarborough said. “This is how al-Qaida funded their operations, by kidnapping Europeans and getting ransom money, right?”

“I’m sure Barack Obama would say that if we can’t go golfing at an exclusive golf course in Martha’s Vineyard, then the terrorists have already won,” he asserted.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.