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Jul 16 2015

EPA guesses data for new, comprehensive standard forced on the nation

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The current U.S. ozone standard, set in 2008, allows a maximum 75 parts per billion (ppb) of “ground-level ozone” —down from 84ppb in 1997– and is still being implemented. The new standard being considered by the Obama Administration’s EPA is likely to fall between 70 and 65 ppb, though levels as low as 60 are being examined—as well as the current standard.

Due to a lack of data on ozone exposure for children aged 5 to 17 in the main clinical studies that it used for  its calculations, EPA  simply extended the clinical results for 18-year-olds to the younger group—even though other clinical studies  indicate children have a “reduced responsiveness”—that is, less of a reaction—to ozone compared with adults. (EPA itself admits in a key supporting document known as its Health Risk  and Exposure Assessment, or HREA, for ozone, that there are “uncertainties” in their extrapolation that “could be substantial.”)

EPA also did not publish information about the degree of statistical uncertainty involved in the clinical studies it used for its calculations of health impact. In part, EPA said that it could not model some of the uncertainty because all of the necessary clinical data  “are not available to EPA.”

The gaps and selective choices in EPA’s justification for tougher standards examined  by the experts in their dense, technical study  are especially important because EPA’s arguments for change in the standard have emphasized increasing health protection  for children, asthma sufferers and older adults who are said to be more susceptible to the effects of ozone, a pervasive but toxic version of oxygen naturally present in low dosages in all breathable air.

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jun 13 2015

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Jun 2 2015

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Earth Day: The Celebration of Liberal Hypocrisy.


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Jun 26 2014

Unlike Normal Businesses, EPA Must Tell Employees To Stop Pooping In The Hallway

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Management for EPA’s Region 8 office in Denver, Colorado, sent an email earlier this year telling employees to cease their gross bathroom habits, including pooping in the hallway.

The news site Government Executive obtained an email from EPA Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor from earlier this year, mentioning “several incidents” in the agency’s office building, including clogged the toilets and “an individual placing feces in the hallway.”

Things apparently got so bad, the agency “consulted” with workplace violence expert John Nicoletti, who — not surprisingly — said poop in the hallways was an office health and safety risk. Nicoletti said such actions were dangerous and those responsible would “probably escalate” their feces plans.

“Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and prosecute these individuals,” Cantor wrote, pleading those with knowledge of the poop culprits to come forward.

Read the full story at The Daily Caller.

“Coincidentally”, after this story broke, the EPA “suddenly” discovered that it also was missing emails due to hard drive crashes.

Jun 18 2014

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Jun 2 2014

Obama to propose new EPA rules because we haven’t lost nearly enough jobs

President Obama showing concern over massive job losses due to overly strict EPA policies

President Obama showing concern over massive job losses due to overly strict EPA policies

The Obama administration is set to announce a rule Monday to limit carbon emissions in thousands of fossil-fuel burning plants across the country, a cornerstone of President Obama’s climate-change agenda and his first-term promise to reduce such emissions by 17 percent by 2020.

The Environmental Protection Agency will ask existing plants to cut pollution by 30 percent by 2030, according to people familiar with the proposal who shared the details with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, since they have not been officially released.

The draft rule, which sidesteps Congress, will go into effect in June 2016, following a one-year comment period. States will then be responsible for executing the rule with some flexibility.

However, lawmakers in several states already are trying to blunt the impact on aging coal-fired power plants that feed electricity to millions of consumers.

It remains to be seen whether new measures passed by the states will amount to mere political symbolism or actually temper what’s expected to be an aggressive federal effort to reduce the country’s reliance on coal. But either way, states likely will play a pivotal role, because federal clean air laws leave it up to each state to come up its own plan for complying with the emission guidelines.

Without waiting to see what Obama proposes, governors in Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia have signed laws directing their environmental agencies to develop their own carbon emission plans that consider the costs of compliance at individual power plants. Similar measures recently passed in Missouri and are pending in the Louisiana and Ohio legislatures.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce argues that the rule will kill jobs and close power plants across the country. The group is releasing a study that finds the rule will result in the loss of 224,000 jobs every year through 2030 and impose $50 billion in annual costs.

Sources: FoxNews.com, Breitbart.com.

May 5 2014

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