Jul 22 2015

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Jul 8 2015

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Jul 6 2015

Brazilian Evangelicals set up a ‘sin free’ version of Facebook

Facegloria 500
Fluffy clouds waft across a blue sky as you log in and while you chat with friends, Gospel music rings out: welcome to Facegloria, the social network for Brazilian Evangelicals.

The new website’s home page bears a passing resemblance to the global phenomenon Facebook.

But Facegloria, which has attracted 100,000 users in its first month, was set up to serve those who find billionaire entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg’s version sinful.

There’s no “liking” on Facegloria. Here, you click “Amen.”

“On Facebook you see a lot of violence and pornography. That’s why we thought of creating a network where we could talk about God, love and to spread His word,” one of the founders, web designer Atilla Barros, told AFP.

It all started three years ago when Mr Barros and three other devout Christian colleagues working at the mayor’s office in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, near Brazil’s financial capital Sao Paulo, decided there was a market for a squeaky-clean version of Facebook.

Given that 42 million of Brazil’s 202 million people are estimated to be Evangelicals – and the fervent Protestant movement continues to make inroads into traditionally dominant Catholicism – they might be right.

Read more at the London Daily Telegraph

Jul 2 2015

Christian Preachers Brutally Beaten at Gay Pride Festival

Two street preachers were brutally beaten — punched and kicked — by a crowd at a gay pride festival in Seattle and the entire melee was captured on video.

The preachers were holding signs reading “Repent or Else” and “Jesus Saves From Sin.” The video shows a group of people initially screaming and threatening the men during Pridefest at the Seattle Space Needle.

Television station KOMO reported that some of the attackers belonged to a group called NOH8

A group of women tried to steal their signs but were unsuccessful. The video then shows a group of men grabbing onto one of the preacher’s signs and dragging him to the ground. At some point he was punched in the back of the head a number of times while others can be seen kicking the man.

Another preacher was sucker punched in the back of the head.

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jul 2 2015

America’s Founding Principles…


Jun 30 2015

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Jun 30 2015

America’s favorite fast food chain is…

Not everyone likes Chick-fil-A’s politics, but they sure seem to like the food.

It’s the highest ranking fast food restaurant in the U.S. for customer satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index Restaurant Report 2015.

The chicken restaurant was the subject of controversy and protests a few years ago after its CEO made remarks that offended the LGBT community.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from flocking to its restaurants, and giving it high marks for customer experience.

“It is laser focused on a particular product,” said Forrest Morgeson, director of research at ACSI. “It focuses on one thing and does it exceptionally well … and that is chicken sandwiches.”

This is Chick-fil-A’s debut on the list and its score is the highest ever achieved in the category.

Read more at CNN Money

Jun 30 2015

6 black churches have burned in last 7 days

church-burning 500x200
The FBI is investigating whether a spate of fires at predominantly black churches in the last seven days are more than coincidence.

The fires have occurred in five states – Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Ohio.

Three of the fires have been confirmed as arson, with the rest still under investigation.

The fires began Monday, June 22, when someone stacked bales of hay against the door of  Seventh Day Adventist Church in Knoxville, Tenn., and lit them. The most recent fire was Saturday, in Elyria, Ohio.

Investigators say there is no evidence that the fires are related, or that a hate crime has taken place.

Read more at Tulsa’s Fox23

Since it’s only Christians, it can’t be hate crimes, right?

Jun 24 2015

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Jun 24 2015

Feigned ignorance is yet another form of complicity…


Jun 23 2015

What Liberals can’t see…


Jun 19 2015

VIDEO: Rev. Clementa Pinckney talks about black political participation

Rev. Clementa Pinckney 500x200
Reverend Clementa Pinckney was among the nine killed inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Those who knew Pinckney say his spiritual leadership helped others deepen their faith.

Jun 19 2015

What happens when you murder Christians.

Dylann Roof 500x200
Dylann Roof committed a heinous act on Wednesday night, killing nine at a church in Charleston. His ominous Facebook profile photo is being widely circulated.

However, there is one comment on that photo. It is from Marcus Stanley. He is a 30-year-old, award winning gospel musician from Virginia. Marcus has also been shot, eight times. According to his website:

Marcus was shot 8 times at point blank range with a .45 caliber automatic weapon while touring as an initiation act by gang members. Due to the shooting, Marcus became temporarily paralyzed on his right side, lost the ability to walk, and leaving one bullet permanent lodged near his spine. With God’s grace and mercy, Marcus was successfully able to regain the strength to walk and recover most of the feeling in his right arm.

Here is the message he left for Dylann:

Facebook post to Dylann Roof 850x1024

Dylann Roof’s Facebook profile has now been removed.

Read more at the Independent Journal Review

Jun 18 2015

Pray for Veronica Malkin

michellemalkin daughter 500x200
By Michelle Malkin…

Just before Mother’s Day weekend she started having what appeared to be respiratory trouble. She “couldn’t get a good breath” and began gently gasping and sighing for air every few minutes. Two trips to the ER later, she had been administered ibuprofen for “costochondritis” and then albuterol to open up her airways.

The problem is that all the various tests and exams indicate she’s getting plenty of oxygen. Her lungs, heart, and vocal cords are all “normal,” and yet she describes a chronic feeling that she’s “drowning.” Every day begins with gasping beyond her control, multiple times a minute, nonstop, every hour of every day, until she reaches a point of exhaustion at 1 or 2 in the morning. After a brief respite while sleeping, the day-mare starts all over again.

Despite taking an alphabet soup of potent neuro-related meds for tics and Tourette’s, Veronica’s condition has steadily deteriorated. The force and frequency of the gasping — now with loud stridor on both the inhale and exhale — keep her in bed most of the day. She has choked on food and drink several times; aspiration is a constant risk.

Through it all, Veronica has not cried or raged or lost her will. Not once. I confess that I can’t say the same, though I put on a good game face for work and public functions. With every labored breath she takes, every minute, every hour of the day, the same waking, aching thoughts echo without relief or resolution: “Is she all right? Is she going to be okay?!”

Read more at the National Review

Jun 18 2015

Luke 6:44…



Jun 9 2015

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Jun 3 2015

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May 20 2015

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May 15 2015

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(When we posted this the first time, we were banned from Facebook for 3 days for violating their “Community Standards”. Which is why we don’t post images to Facebook any more.)

May 13 2015

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May 12 2015

Hollywood Hypocrisy…


May 11 2015

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May 8 2015

So quit pretending it is, then using that as an excuse to hate Christians…