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Oct 1 2014

Liberal Courts Claim Law Not Important in Enforcement of ObamaCare

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The Washington, D.C. Circuit Court ruled in Halbig v. Burwell that Obamacare’s tax credits are only applicable to the several state-run exchanges; but hours later, the Fourth Circuit Court ruled that the IRS was within its rights to make the adjustments in its extension of the subsidies.

But at the Department of Justice’s request, the D.C. Circuit Court agreed to re-hear its case with a full court — which has been packed with three new judges appointed by President Obama since Senate majority leader Harry Reid deployed his nuclear option to avoid Republican opposition last fall.

With liberal judges outnumbering conservatives now by eight to five, it’s likely that the court will take back its initial ruling and approve the subsidies, taking the pressure off the Supreme Court to hear the case.

The question comes down to the repeated instruction in the text of the Affordable Care Act that advanced premium tax credits are to go only to customers of exchanges “established by the state.” The plaintiff in this case, Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, argues that Congress’ text says customers in Oklahoma, which doesn’t run its own exchange, aren’t eligible for the subsidies.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

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Christians are so hypocritical; they’re…wait…defending a Muslim’s right to pray?!?

By Todd Starnes…

The player intercepted a pass and ran it back 39 yards for a touchdown. While his teammates celebrated, the player dropped to his knees to pray.

The referee threw a flag.

He said the prayer was a violation of the NFL’s rule governing celebrations.

Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Football fans erupted on Facebook and Twitter – denouncing the referee’s decision. And while the penalty did not affect the outcome of the game – there was something a bit unsettling for punishing a player for offering a prayer to his God.

The player was Husain Abdullah, a 29-year-old safety for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mr. Adbullah is also a devout Muslim. USA Today reports that Abdullah walked away from professional football during the 2012 season to take a spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca.

So when he dropped to his knees in the end zone, he was not celebrating. He was practicing the Sajdah.

As a Southern Baptist, I’m not all that familiar with the Islamic faith – but I am familiar with religious liberty, freedom of religion.

Under our system of government people of all faiths are able to practice their religion in the public marketplace. And it’s because of those Judeo-Christian concepts that a Muslim and a Buddhist and a Hindu can worship whatever God they choose to worship.

Read the full OpEd at FoxNews.com.

Oct 1 2014

Obama’s Move…


Oct 1 2014

How the pervasive, societal stupidity in our culture has kept Obama in office and alive

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From the Denver Post

Under withering criticism from Congress, the director of the Secret Service on Tuesday admitted failures in her agency’s critical mission of protecting the president but repeatedly sidestepped key questions about how a knife-carrying intruder penetrated ring after ring of security before finally being tackled deep inside the White House.

Despite the extraordinary lapses in the Sept. 19 incident, Julia Pierson asserted: “The president is safe today.”

Hours later, reports emerged of yet another failure in Secret Service protocol, this time in President Barack Obama’s presence.

On Sept. 16, an armed federal contractor rode on an elevator with Obama and his security detail while the president was visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the Washington Examiner reported. The Washington Post reported similar details and added that the man had three convictions for assault and battery.

Why then with the unpopularity Obama has and his lax security is he still alive?

The same reason he was re-elected, or elected in the first place, for that matter.

There’s a correlation between insanity and stupidity. The more crazy a person is, the less intelligent they are, and thus by the time they get crazy enough to do something like assassinate a president, the odds are they’re too stupid to actually do it. Exceptions do occur, which is why we actually have a Secret Service. But since it’s painfully obvious now that Obama’s security are as moronic as he is, the only thing that’s kept him alive has been the overall stupidity of society in general, which is also why he was elected twice.

An ironic catch-22.

Intelligent people understand that besides being wrong, the assassination of a president, regardless of their politics, would do far more to hurt the nation as a whole than the president himself could do by remaining alive. That’s why any time you read someone popping off about how Obama should be shot, hung, etc. is a sign that that person is an idiot.

Oct 1 2014

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Oct 1 2014

Creators of Asset Seizure Law Admit It Was a Mistake and Want It Repealed.

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By John Yoder and Brad Cates

John Yoder was director of the Justice Department’s Asset Forfeiture Office from 1983 to 1985. Brad Cates was the director of the office from 1985 to 1989.

The idea seemed so simple: Seize the ill-gotten gains of big-time drug dealers and remove the financial incentive for their criminality. After all, if a kingpin could earn $20 million and stash it away somewhere, even a decade in prison would have its rewards. Make that money disappear, and the calculus changes.

Then, in 1986, the concept was expanded to include not only cash earned illegally but also purchases or investments made with that money, creating a whole scheme of new crimes that could be prosecuted as “money laundering.” The property eligible for seizure was further expanded to include “instrumentalities” in the trafficking of drugs, such as cars or even jewelry. Eventually, more than 200 crimes beyond drugs came to be included in the forfeiture scheme.

This all may have been fine in theory, but in the real world it went badly astray. First, many states adopted their own forfeiture laws, creating programs with less monitoring than those at the federal level. Second, state law enforcement agencies and prosecutors started using the property — and finally even to provide basic funding for their departments.

The individual is the font of sovereignty in our constitutional republic, and it is unacceptable that a citizen should have to “prove” anything to the government. If the government has probable cause of a violation of law, then let a warrant be issued. And if the government has proof beyond a reasonable doubt of guilt, let that guilt be proclaimed by 12 peers.

Read the full OpEd at the Washington Post.