Aug 1 2014

You May Be A Liberal If…


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Aug 1 2014

Man with incurable plague sweeping Africa to be brought to America…and someone thinks this is a good idea?!?

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Emory University Hospital in Atlanta plans to treat an American aid worker in Africa who has been diagnosed with Ebola, officials at the hospital said Thursday.

Two American aid workers are suffering from Ebola in Liberia. However, the hospital said it could not identify the expected patient due to privacy laws.

It would be the first time the disease is brought into the country.

The officials say the hospital has a special isolation unit that was built in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that’s used to treat people with certain serious infectious diseases.

So, Atlanta, are you ready to be then next “Ground Zero”?

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Aug 1 2014

New Tax Form…


Aug 1 2014

Government Produces Wealth?…


Aug 1 2014

The Left Hate Israel Because It Is Everything They Despise: Capitalist, Conservative and Patriotic

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Everyone from liberal journalists to a member of the English cricket team is gunning for Israel at the moment. The Independent describes it as ‘rogue state’. The Guardian considers the Israeli ‘occupation’ of Gaza as a ‘shameful injustice’. Meanwhile, cricketer Moeen Ali has pledged his support for the Palestinians by sporting ‘Free Gaza’ wristbands. Respectable opinion knows which side wears the black hats in this conflict.

What is it about Israel that arouses so much anger? Is it because it’s a theocratic state, committed to destroying its neighbour, which uses civilians as human shields, tortures and kills its political opponents, persecutes homosexuals, and holds freedom of speech and the rule of law in contempt?

No, hang on, that’s Hamas, and we all know they’re the good guys of the piece. No matter how appallingly they treat their own people and how many innocents they blow up, shoot or kidnap, nothing can blot their copybook.

One thing’s for sure, if it was just another flyblown Islamic hellhole, Israel would get a much easier ride on the world stage. More blood is typically shed each year in Somalia, Pakistan and Nigeria than in Gaza, but outrage at those horrors pales beside the indignation Israel’s actions provoke. Heads are buried, standards doubled and blind eyes turned to provide an excuse for bashing the country everybody loves to hate.

Israel is a distillation of everything leftists hate about Western nations: capitalist, conservative and fiercely patriotic. It is a projection of their own prejudices about the supposed injustices of societies that cherish the ‘wrong’ values and the ‘wrong’ people. They don’t share the Palestinians’ spiritual beliefs, but they share a common enemy. Indeed, if Israel was removed from the equation, its critics would have little good to say about Gaza or Hamas. Theirs is a marriage of convenience.

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Aug 1 2014

What Society Indeed…


Aug 1 2014

Perks Given to Obama Donors by White House Agencies Finally Investigated…6 Years Into His Administration!

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Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Reps. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and Tim Murphy (R-Pa.), who lead the subcommittees on Communications and Oversight, respectively, said they were worried that the private equity firm, Grain Management, may have been getting special treatment in an upcoming airwave auction.

The head of Grain Management, David Grain, has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats in recent years, including $5,000 to President Obama’s 2012 reelection bid. However, Grain, was given inappropriate favor in the form of a wavier to the FCC’s upcoming airwave auction rules. The exception grants Grain benefits in the auction that were originally intended only for smaller businesses.

Grain licenses its airwaves to larger communications firms, and under the new spectrum auction rules, the revenue from those firms would have added to Grain’s total, depriving it of auction benefits meant to supplement companies with smaller revenues. As a result of the exception, Grain will be eligible for bidding credits not available to other companies with comparable revenues.

In a joint statement last week, Upton and Walden said the agency’s ”process is clearly broken, and something smells rotten on the eighth floor” — a reference to the offices of the chairman and commissioners at FCC headquarters in Washington.

SOURCES: The Daily Caller, The Hill.

Aug 1 2014

Using Human Shields…


Aug 1 2014

Illegal Children Supposedly Fleeing Crime, Sent to America’s Murder Capital…To Be Safe.

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A thousand children said to be fleeing the violence in Central America will be welcomed to Chicago, where local children are routinely in the cross-fire of gang-related grudges.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, at the request of the Obama administration in which he formerly served, says he is working with local organizations to make room for up to one thousand additional unaccompanied children “traveling” from Central America to the U.S.-Mexico border in the coming year.

“The influx of unaccompanied child migrants is a growing humanitarian crisis that we can no longer ignore,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “While we have our own challenges at home, we cannot turn our backs on children who are fleeing dangerous conditions. We will do our part to ensure that these children are given access to services and treated fairly and humanely.”

Based on reporting by Chicago Tribune staff, there were 440 homicides in Chicago in 2013, down from the 500 counted by the FBI in 2012. So far this year, 223 people have been killed by the Tribune’s count, including an 11-year-old girl shot by a stray bullet at a sleepover with friends.

However a recent expose by a Chicago paper revealed that “official” crime rates have been intentionally lowered by Chicago for year, to try to lose it’s reputation for violent crime. So the crime stats reported by the Chicago Tribune could be off by as much a as 50%.



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Cursed by Getting What You Want.


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Fresh Obama…


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The Tax Cut/Entitlement Cycle.


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Six Things…


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Making Women Equal.