Apr 24 2014

The exception…


Apr 24 2014

Loophole in ObamaCare will cost doctors and hospitals millions

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While the debate continues over how many ObamaCare enrollees are actually paying their premiums, one aspect of the law temporarily rewards those who actually stop paying – and doctors may wind up bearing the cost.

“This law provides a 90-day grace period for people who have subsidized ObamaCare exchange plans and stopped paying their premium,” said Betsy McCaughey, health care author and former New York lieutenant governor.

But the insurance companies are only obligated to cover the first 30 days of the 90-day grace period

Providers worry because doctors and hospitals may not even know if someone isn’t paying and no longer has active insurance.

Goodman added, “Doctors and hospitals that are accepting the plans and exchanges are already taking low fees and they’ve agreed to those low fees. And then to discover that the patient hasn’t paid his premiums so they’re not going to get paid at all, that’s going to be a real unpleasant surprise.”

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Apr 24 2014

A dirty little secret…


Apr 24 2014

Why Gun Control?…


Apr 24 2014

Afghan security guard shoots dead 3 American doctors at hospital

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The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan confirmed Thursday that three American doctors – including a reported father and son – were killed by an Afghan security guard who opened fire at a Kabul hospital.

The shooting at Cure International Hospital in the western part of the Afghan capital was the latest attack on foreign civilians in the city this year. Two others, including an American nurse, were wounded, according to Afghanistan’s Health Ministry.

“With great sadness we confirm that three Americans were killed in the attack at CURE Hospital,” said a statement posted on the Embassy’s Twitter page. “No other information will be released at this time.”

Afghanistan Minister of Health Soraya Dalil told the Associated Press that two of the dead were a visiting father and son. Dalil added that the other victim was a Cure International doctor who had worked for seven years in Kabul.

Read the full story at FoxNews.com.

And the irony is the surviving doctors then rushed to save the shooters life–because that’s the kind of people we are.

Apr 24 2014

Hey! That’s no fair…


Apr 24 2014

Invented rights…


Apr 24 2014

And this was last year…


Apr 24 2014

Second grader told Bible is “inappropriate” in government school

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The family of a 2nd grade student at Hamilton Elementary says their daughter’s book of choice – the Bible – was an issue of concern for her teacher, and that two weeks ago, during a “read to myself” time, the girl’s teacher took her Bible away.

The family did not go to the school’s principal, instead, reaching out to the Liberty Institute, to convey its concerns to Cy-Fair ISD.

The family wants to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation.

Michael Berry, senior counsel with the Liberty Institute, says the alleged incident happened about two weeks ago. He added that Hamilton Elementary’s library contains copies of the Bible.

“So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on Earth would it not be appropriate for their own students,” said Berry.

Meanwhile, parents Local 2 spoke with are outraged at the allegations.

“If it were a time when the child could have silent time and read what she wants to read during that time period, she should be able to read whatever she wants to read,” said parent Germaine Tanner whose child attends the school.

Sources: KHOU-Houston, Click2Houston.com.

Apr 24 2014

More cognitive dissonance…


Apr 24 2014

CHART: How Republicans rob people of their right to vote…

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Apr 24 2014

News fit to hide…


Apr 24 2014

Over 40,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and Maryland

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A crosscheck of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity group reported Wednesday.

And that’s just the beginning.

“The Virginia Voters Alliance is investigating how to identify voters who are registered and vote in Virginia but live in the states that surround us,” Alliance President Reagan George told the State Board of Elections.

George acknowledged that the number of voters who actually cast multiple ballots is relatively small. In the case of Maryland and Virginia, he revealed that 164 people voted in both states during the 2012 election.

But George said his group will expand their search for duplicate voters in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Georgia.

Read the full article at WatchDog.org.

Apr 24 2014

This is what Socialism get you…


Apr 24 2014

What a difference 51 years makes…